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Yes, there were changes to Google SERPs in May, and if you want to find out what changed, it’s reported in our Google Updates and SERPs Changes thread. Are you one of the many thousands of webmasters still waiting on Penguin 4.0? Google has still not updated Penguin, despite promises by Google of an update to come early in 2016. We also know that Google is wanting to automate as much as possible of it into the algorithm so that it’ll eliminate the announcements and changes involved in a Google SERPs dance. Despite all that, we saw signs of some possible Penguin changes and updates during May, but then, perhaps not. It may simply have been a test, and if so, it’s yet to roll out further.

One of the big changes we saw over recent weeks was Google’s SERPs interface, and it’s now becoming clear how that is folding in to the forthcoming changes. For example, with the wider display in the SERPs, with AdWords appearing in the top and bottom, and no longer at the side, you will see that Google has increased the number of pixels to allow longer page titles. In addition, the SERPs will now work better across mobile through to desktop.

In May the mobile SERPs were updated, and we’re reporting those in our threads on the topic. Our Members would like to know how you’ve benefitted by the latest updates to mobile SERPs or link building service providers.

One other topic was the redesign of AdWords that we covered last month. Google made some announcements and you can pick up on those in our thread, New Google AdWords Summary and Innovations Coming In 2016.

Since our April newsletter, our news and discussions have covered many of the hottest topics relevant to webmasters and online marketers. If you’d like to know more, here are a couple of the topics we covered: The Legacy of Spinning Articles and Getty Images Files E.U. Complaint Against Google for Enabling Image Piracy.

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