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Backlink Audit Analysis

Backlink Audit Analysis

EVALUATE THE QUALITY of your backlinks!
Fact, the web is now mature and competition is fierce everywhere.
In terms of SEO is site popularity differentiates two good quality sites.

The popularity of a website is difficult to analyze because it is both quantitative and qualitative.

The quantitative aspects of the popularity can be measured by the number of links, the number of binding sites, the linkjuice … all fairly obvious indicators. They are of course provided by our SeeUrank SEO software. I will not dwell on this notion of amount of popularity today to focus on the quality measure of the popularity of a site.

Popularity Popularity creates natural vs
The degree of competition in the SERPs that today one can not run a site without artificially initiate the dynamics of popularity. However, that seeks to promote Google is not the effort of SEO, but a real popularity of a site on the web.
Therefore, the SEO work must be of the attributes of a natural popularity.

But what are they?
A natural popularity translates into various origins ties that link to various pages on your site, and that use different anchors and tailored to your SEO strategy.

For your linkbuilding efforts are not devalued by Google or considered spam, you must keep an eye on the variety in your links. Unfortunately, analyze the variety of items for all your backlinks request a gigantic work. Fortunately, analyzing backlinks SeeUrank (module Popularity) gives you easy access to all these indicators, and allows you to measure the variety of your links.

SeeUrank will allow you to obtain quality indicators of linking synthetic or detailed for your website or its competitors.

Quality links (backlinks)

Links of various origins:
If my site to 1,000 backlinks, but those backlinks are from a single site all … this is not the popularity but the partnership. It would be logical to think that Google does not give full value to these 1000 links.

In our summary table (up here), the column “Diversity SL” for diversity of binding sites gives a representation of the degree of variety in the source of my links (number websites / x100 number of links). This gives an overall indication of the variety. A variety of 100% would mean that each of my links from a different site. So the more this percentage over my backlinks are from varied origins better. This figure makes sense in comparison to other sites. The small percentage of the quoted figure indicates the change in the indicator compared to the previous analysis.
SeeUrank also give me a detailed list of sites that are linking to my site, each with the number of backlinks, linked pages, the anchors, the link juice passed …

Diversity of sites included a backlink

Variety of hrefs!
When a user makes a connection to a product or an article of interest, in all likelihood, it will not make a link to the site home page but to a page designated. In fact, if all backlinks to my site lead to the home page, it will not look very natural and may wake up a Quality Rater at Google. Again, the variety is required.

The summary table we calculated the rate of deep links, that is to say the percentage of my backlinks that point to something other than my home page. Again, the more this percentage the better.

In detail below, SeeUrank provide me a list of pages on my site that receive links from other sites, and for each the number of links received, the origin of these links, anchors used, the link juice received …

Deep link ratio backlinks

Anchors of various links!
When a user makes a link to a site it considers interesting the text (or image) made clickable via the link is called the link anchor. Regularly, this backlink will be done using the name of the site (especially if one speaks of the site as a whole). The rest of the time this user chooses an anchor text that describes the pointed page.
The variety of anchors used as the imagination of Internet users, then great. SeeUrank calculates the degree of diversity of the anchors of my backlinks (number of different anchors / number of backlinks x100). A variety of 100% would mean that each of my backlinks using a different anchor text. So the more this percentage, the better.

Again, this figure makes sense in comparison to other sites.

Moreover these texts are very valuable anchors for engines since they “qualify” the pointed page. These texts therefore strongly affect the positioning … as long as the selected terms correspond to keywords that we target.
The SEO carving its position will be very interested in the detailed list of anchors used in backlinks to my site, especially as SeeUrank calculates the frequency of each anchor, the diversity of linked pages with the anchor, received on link juice this anchor ..